For Once, Paula's Not Joking. She Wants Your Car!

One of our all-time favorite comics is Paula Poundstone. Here, listen to her quick wit.

Well, we’re beyond excited to share with our partners that Paula will now be lending her humor and quirky charisma to inspire your listeners to donate their used cars!
Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services partners can download all of Paula’s promos right now via Content Depot, or via the station services portal at If you’re not a Car Talk VDS partner, drop Twyla a note now and find out how you can get these great promos for your air.
"I wish the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program existed back then,” said Paula. “I'd have given you guys my cars instead of donating it to the City of San Francisco Parking Violations Department!"
You heard that right. Back in the day, when Paula was ready to part with an old car she’d simply leave it parked on the street and walk away! Now, thankfully, she’s wisened up. Paula knows that used cars can be turned into the programs we all love.
We dig these new promos, and we think your listeners will, too. Working with Paula was a blast. When I asked her to say a few words about her most memorable car, an old Mustang convertible named Dave, she shot back, “Are you kidding? I could do an hour-long NPR special on Dave!” Paula’s got an infectious sense of humor that had us cracking up and waiting anxiously to hear what she’d say next. We think your listeners will agree.
Take a listen to this!
Check out all of Paula's exclusive promos for the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program right here:
Oh Paula…. If only you'd donated your old Mustang, Dave! He would have made a great “Bluff the Listener” segment on Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me.
When the time comes for your current ride, though, you know we’ll have the tow truck warmed up, right? Give us a call. We’re not going anywhere.
Catherine "Frau Blucher" Fenollosa
Car Talk Plaza
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