Love Story: A Girl and Her Car

Editor’s note: get your hanky out before proceeding. (We’re not kidding.)

Here at Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services, we hear lots of great car stories. But, every now and then, one comes along that really bowls us over.
This is one of those letters. So much so, that we found ourselves tearing up over it. It’s about Abigail, a devoted public radio listener, and her car Millie, a mint green Ford Taurus to whom she was incredibly devoted.
Here it is:
Dear Click and Clack,

I am contacting you to tell you a love story. A love story about a girl and her car.
I have been listening to NPR for as long as I can remember, and it has always been my dream to have enough money to be able to donate to my local NPR station, WBUR in Boston. I always wanted to be able to donate enough money to get my mom and gramma (both religious WBUR listeners) flowers on Mothers' Day. But, unfortunately, I have not reached a point in my life where I can do that. After graduating from college, I am employed and living on my own -- but not to the point where I have too much extra.

So when it came time for my dear friend Millie to go to the great garage in the sky, I knew just where to send her. After months of hemming and hawing over not wanting to let her go, I finally said goodbye and donated her to your car donation program.
Millie the Mint Mobile was a mint green Ford Taurus that was originally my gramma's and then passed to me when I got my license in high school. Over the six years that Millie and I spent together, we shared some great adventures… from snow storms in Vermont to the heat of the Jersey Turnpike with no air conditioning, from the sand of Cape Cod to the mists of morning on the Chesapeake. She was a very solid old girl. She saved me from a few scrapes: from a spin out into a snowbank on the back country roads of Nowheresville, MA to being rear-ended twice in Boston traffic. She kept me safe and sound, and always a little too hot or too cold.
On the morning your donation company came to pick her up, I woke up really early to drive her to rest right in front of my apartment and get the last things out of her trunk. My boyfriend stood with me and held me as I cried when the nice man hauled her gently onto the flatbed. Her chipping paint glistened in the chill morning air and winked at me as she rounded the bend onto the next street.

I don't know that I will ever love a car as much as Millie, but I feel good that I was able to donate her to a good cause. Please take care of her in the Big Garage in the Sky. I'm sure she's being hit on at the gas bar by James Bond's Aston Martin as I write this.
Reaching for your hanky? Us, too.
Abigail knows that saying goodbye to a faithful car doesn’t mean it’s gone from your life forever. See, Abigail turned Millie into her favorite public radio programs. You can too! Donate your car today, and it’ll live on as your most loved shows, giving you something back each time you tune in.
Catherine “Frau Blucher” Fenollosa
Car Talk Plaza