A Hole-in-One for Vehicle Donation

Looking for a creative way to promote vehicle donation at your station? Here’s something a little different, courtesy of Cory Morrissey, Director of Marketing/PR at Maine Public Broadcasting Network. All of us here at Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services loved this idea.

Got a golf course near you willing to share a little real estate with public broadcasting? Get a load of this…

“Fore!” Taking a shot for vehicle donation.

Now look closely. That's right. That golfer's taking aim at a retired ride.

How’d an old Chevy Blazer come to find itself in the middle of a Maine golf course? Here’s what Cory had to say …

“One day we hit on the idea of placing a clunker at a driving range to encourage folks to find a better use for their own unwanted vehicles. Within a week we had a range that was on board and messaging completed. The range owners have noted that EVERYONE aims for the car and they have fielded numerous inquiries about the program beyond the call-to-action signage we have at each hitting station.”

Here's the “before” photo. Cory, we want to see the “after” pix!

Who doesn’t want to send golf balls through the windshield of an old car?

MPBN messaging targets golfer’s short game, too.

Maine’s leveraging this idea off the course, too, sharing photos via their social media channels. “It has also been great content for our social media,” says Cory, “We hope that will get the car donation message out there as well.”

Cory, we expect to see this idea coming to the PGA next year!

How’s your station promoting vehicle donation? We can’t wait to share the next fun idea! Drop me a note any time with your vehicle donation promotions.

Yours in shooting a hole-in-one for vehicle donations,

Catherine Fenollosa
A.k.a., “Frau Blücher”
Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services