What’s in the Box? NPR and Car Talk Team Up—Again

Where can you find a die-hard group of public radio listeners every day? Browsing in the NPR Shop, of course! And now, as part of a new vehicle donation partnership between Car Talk and NPR, all of those devoted fans ordering an "I NPR" coffee mug will find this postcard when they open the box:

Over the past year, NPR and Car Talk have partnered on a number of ventures designed to encourage listeners around the country to donate their old cars in support of their local NPR stations.  NPR regularly contributes promotional space on NPR.org. And a series of NPR celebrities, including Peter Sagal, Carl Kasell and Paula Poundstone have recorded promos for vehicle donation that are more than just a pitch—they’re also great programming! 

Car Talk Vehicle Donation Service’s Communications Director Katie Kemple finds a nice surprise inside her NPR order.

Now, we’re rolling out this latest call to action. Crafted by Car Talk’s lead designer, Josh Rubinstein, with text from the writers at Car Talk Plaza, in our humble opinion, it’s hard not to smile when checking out this cool new card.

Shoppers at the online NPR store are among the most engaged listeners to be found anywhere. We believe they’ll be highly receptive to the donation opportunity, once they see the benefits for themselves and their favorite NPR stations. We look forward to passing along this new vehicle donation revenue stream to NPR stations across the country!

By the way, this card design is already proving to be popular with our station partners, who see a use for this as a buck slip. We’ll be offering a version specifically for this use. Interested in having some cards for your next event, or including them in your next mailing? Drop a note to Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services Director of Business Development Twyla Olson.

If you’ll excuse us now, we’ve got a few extra cars to tow!