Cease and Desist with Dull VDP Spots: We’ve Got Nina!

Have you ever wondered what one of the country’s top judicial reporters does in her free time? I mean, when she’s not covering historic decisions from the Supreme Court, what does Nina Totenberg do?

She gives her time to us! Well, some of it, anyway.

As you might imagine, one of NPR’s most beloved talents is more than a bit overscheduled in her free time. But we are thrilled that she found some spare moments to lend her voice to Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services!

Check this out:

Nina: State Dinner at the White House

Along the way, we learned a little something about Nina and her driving habits: She loves to drive old cars! Whether she’s covering the Supreme Court or attending a formal dinner at the White House, Nina feels most at home in a car with a lot of miles... like her dumpy Mazda 626 which (sorry Nina!) was a complete embarrassment to her husband.

And like a certain Magliozzi we know and love, Nina admits to nursing her cars until they’re eventually stolen off the street.

But now Nina doesn't have to wait for a criminal with lousy judgment. She can turn her car into Morning Edition... with the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program!

Nina: My Car Was Stolen

We’re thrilled that Nina’s lending her commanding and charming personality to five new radio promos for our partners. She mixes hilarious stories of her old clunkers with a decisive call to action for listeners. Nina’s promos come complete with awesome web banners designed by our pals at NPR’s in-house design team, so stations can spread the vehicle donation message on their web sites, too!

You can listen to all of Nina’s new promos here.

Not yet a partner with Vehicle Donation Services? Just drop a note to Twyla Olson, Director of Business Development at Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services and she’ll get you cruising along in no time.

Case closed.


Catherine Fenollosa
Car Talk Plaza