Available for Your Air: The Story of Ray’s First Car

It goes without saying, Car Talk’s Ray Magliozzi is an expert when it comes to cars. How many of us have secretly wished that Ray would come to the rescue when our vehicles break down and we’re stuck miles from nowhere, buzzards circling overhead?!

"You say there's how many buzzards? Would those be Rough-Legged Buzzards or Turkey Vultures?"

But truth be told, Ray wasn’t always so mechanically adept. When he was still wet behind the ears, his lack of knowledge under the hood resulted in his picking a few lemons. Check this out:

Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services is excited to release two new promos for our radio partners featuring Tom and Ray reminiscing about Ray’s first car, a ‘62 Chevy Bel Air.

Ray's Bel Air was a sweet ride ... with a sour aftertaste.

Two promos are available right now, one 15-second and one 30-second, featuring Tom and Ray’s hilarious memories of Ray’s first lemon, and then segueing nicely into a few words in support of vehicle donation! Stations and listeners will get a kick out of hearing Ray sharing some of his favorite moments with a most memorable car.

If you haven’t heard our other exclusive promos featuring NPR talent musings about their storied cars, check them out here. You can hear Peter Sagal rant about his Ford Fiesta and Paula Poundstone toast her vintage Mustang named Dave, all in the name of vehicle donation!

Tom and Ray are two of the most effective fundraisers for public radio, anywhere, and we’re excited to be able to put them to work for your vehicle donation program! Interested in airing these promos but not yet a member of Vehicle Donation Services? Just drop a note to Twyla Olson, Director of Business Development at Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services  and she’ll hook you up.


Catherine Fenollosa
Car Talk Plaza