A BBC Fan turns Her Ford into Newshour!

Dear Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services,

Here's a picture of my car…. well WHQR’s car, now! She's served me well and I can't wait to hear her turned into a program!

Specifically, the BBC World Service (I’m a British ex-pat), Morning Edition, BBC Newshour, Coastline, Fresh Air or All Things Considered. I listen regularly to the last two programs’ podcasts.

My dear friend is a studio manager at the Beeb and has been managing the World Service and numerous other BBC Radio news programs for twenty plus years. Aside from growing up listening to BBC Radio 4, I love the image of my friend in the studio while I'm trying to text him, hoping to hear his phone beep while on-air. Of course, he’s far too professional to ever have his cell phone on…lol!

I hope my vehicle donation helps!

Vic Roberts

Wilmington, NC