Fall: The Season for Saying Goodbye
Fall is here and that means we're saying goodbye to warm temperatures and green foliage. And for some diehard public radio and TV fans, it's also time to say goodbye to a trusty car!
Here's one great example, courtesy of Mary and Phil, who recently donated their 1999 Honda CR-V to their local NPR station, WVTF in Roanoke, Virginia. Here's their story of endings... and a new beginning, too! All to support their favorite programs. Thanks, Mary & Phil! 
We recently said goodbye to our beloved silver, 1999 Honda CR-V by donating it to WVTF/Radio IQ, our local National Public Radio station here in Roanoke, Virginia. The station gets a donation and we get a tax deduction and the reassurance that WVTF will continue to serve us.  It's a "win-win," for sure. Our mechanic assured us that the costs of repairing the burnt valves and distributor that died in the mechanic’s garage would be much more than it was worth.  
We bought the CR-V in 2002, when we were dating.  By that time we were all but officially engaged, so Mary has always considered the shiny, silver CR-V her “first engagement ring.”  It did the honors of accompanying us to our own and our children’s weddings, and our mothers' funerals. It also suffered the indignities of hauling straw for the garden and trash to the dump.  It pranced along on the snow and ice of Mary’s driveway at her Little House in Waynesboro and on our backroads in Monroe, often passing 4WD trucks and SUVs that were in a ditch on the side of the road. It took us from Central Virginia to Northern New Hampshire to visit Phil’s family well into its dotage.  In all of its 294,885 miles, it only once failed to get us where it was going.  We pushed it hard and it never seemed to complain.  We took care of it and it took care of us.
When we turned to each other as it was leaving the mechanic’s parking lot on the tow truck, we both had tears on our eyes.  Our CR-V was a special little car.  
Mary & Phil Greenwood
Monroe, VA
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