The Rusty Hubcap Awards are Here!
Drum roll please…. It’s time to roll out the red carpet, top off the washer fluid and grease up those lug nuts. That’s right, it’s the Rusty Hubcap Awards!
Each year we like to throw a spotlight on the stations who are working hard to make their vehicle donation programs shine. So without further ado, here are this year’s winners!
Linda Gotoy, Lisa Torres, Richard Liebowitz (holding up the award and hiding behind it!), Rebecca Kennedy, Alexander Pinel, Alice Winn, Michael Chaplin, Liz Weber, Randall Acost, Gini Alexander, Jillian Pastori, Matt Cruz, Robert Leeper
Category: Outstanding Performance
Winner: New York Public Radio
New York, NY 
Acceptance speech by Linda Gotoy, Direct Marketing Production Manager
The NYPR team is extremely honored to receive a 2017 Rusty Hubcap Award. The rapid growth of the program exceeded our expectations. Winning this award would not have been possible without team work!

There is no secret weapon promoting the Car Talk VDS program. Throughout the year, we tout the message on-air, use web tiles, and insert a buck slip in our direct mail packages.

The best way to strengthen vehicle donation is ongoing promotions. We are always looking for opportunities to advertise the convenience of vehicle donation and the great feeling that comes from doing something to support NYPR.

We sincerely thank the VDS team for providing excellent customer service and making the experience pleasant and convenience for our donors!

  P.S. Our expectation is to do better and, again, exceed our 2018 goals!
Mary Dunaway, Kelly Zaborowski, Emily Fahey, Sarah McAtee, Rebecca Corbaley, and Lindsey Moyer
Category: Rising Star
Winner: KNKX
Tacoma, WA
Acceptance speech by Mary Dunaway, Executive Director of Development
We are excited to receive the Car Talk VDS “Rising Star” Rusty Hubcap Award for 2017! At KNKX, we aim to connect supporters with giving opportunities that will make a difference in their community, and also help them realize their philanthropic goals. Vehicle donations give our supporters a creative and meaningful way to increase their investment in our programs and service. 
We attribute much of the growth in our vehicle donation program in 2017 to the implementation of mini campaigns throughout the year. KNKX Director of Annual Fund, Sarah McAtee, oversees our vehicle donation program and explains, "We run one 10-day mini-campaign per quarter with coordinated messaging in four primary channels: on-air, in our e-newsletter, on the website, and in social media. We saw significant revenue increases once we started this practice.”
We owe a huge thanks to the KNKX members who generously donated their vehicles last year and to the CarTalk team for their guidance and support.  In development, one of our responsibilities is to make giving as easy and accessible as possible. Our vehicle donation program gives our supporters one more way to make a significant gift to KNKX, and we look forward to another year of nurturing this essential part of our individual giving program.
Simon, Tyler, Erin, Jordan, Marisa, Sarah, Adrienne, Michelle, Karin, Karoon. (not pictured: Beth, Amy, Liz and Anthony.) 
Category: Most Valuable Vehicle
Winner: WBEZ
Chicago, IL
Acceptance speech by Adrienne Glover, Digital Marketing Manager 
Thank you for this award, Car Talk VDS! WBEZ is truly honored to have won the Rusty Hubcap for most valuable donation. We are so grateful to all of our members who have chosen to turn their cars into public radio.
This past year, we significantly increased the on-air spot frequency, which has really amped up the volume of donations that we have seen. We also continue to find success through including buck slips in mailings and mentioning this program to event attendees whenever possible. 
The online resources are key in developing on-air spots and digital tile ads; and thanks to our amazing Program team we’re able to keep spots fresh. Carrie, Beth and Twyla have proved invaluable resources too and we are grateful for their continued support!

This 1948 Chevy Hot Rod brought in $20,000 in net revenue to WBEZ!

MVV (Most Valuable Vehicle)
Susan Tran, Luke Merkel, and Sammy Riegel in Maine Public's Portland Studio show off our new hardware!
Category: Oldest Vehicle
Winner: Maine Public
Portland, ME
Acceptance speech by Cory Morrissey, Chief Business Development Officer 
How excited were we at Maine Public to win another Rusty? TOTALLY!!! As an organization, we put a lot of effort towards raising up awareness that donating your unneeded car to Maine Public is a really good idea and keeps the programs you love coming. We mention the program everywhere -- tv, radio, print, member communications, signage in our studios, on social media, and online. We try to mix up what we do every few months so we don't get too stale and people start becoming numb to our messages.  From giving car detailing coupons for "your other car", to scoring one of our custom vehicle donation hats (pictured), we try to break through the clutter out there and stand out. AND we use all the assets that we can that Twyla, Beth and Cari make available to us! That makes a BIG difference!
Check out this beauty…. Here’s the 1938 Nash Ambassador donated to Maine Public!
Congratulations to this year's Rusty Hubcap Winners from all of us at Car Talk Plaza and Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services,
Beth, Cari, Catherine, Connie, David, Doug B., Doug M., Katie, Mark and Twyla
P.S. A special shout out to the creators of the Rusty Hubcap trophies, David Olson and his crack staff of students. David's a shop teacher in International Falls, Minnesota, who somehow turned the trophy fabrication into a learning experience for his 9th grade shop students. Shhh... don't tell the principal! Granted there was some pressure from the crazy cat lady from Webster South Dakota. aka. David's sister. (Course, we know her as Car Talk Vehicle Donation Service's Twyla Olson.) Thanks, guys!
Shop student experts Taylor and Gunnar